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Log In Problems

Misspelled email addresses are always causing problems.
Occasionally, when one copies the password across, a character is dropped off of one end.
You don't notice it as, when you paste it in, it is encrypted.

1. Ensure that you are at the right web address:

2. Check spelling of your email address when you enter it as your login.

3. Ensure that you copy the correct, and full password, into the password box.

Always use the 'Log Out' button
to end your sessions.
If the session is not closed, but you want to log in again immediately, you will be unable to log in until the existing session expires.

Non-receipt of email is generally down to one of two reasons:

1. You have misspelled your email address when registering:
- Use this link to advise us of correct spelling, -

2. Your anti-spam thing is binning it.
- Check your spam and/or deleted emails folders.

Normal delays
Some emails, sent from this web site, may take a few minutes to reach you.
This because the web servers are US based and we have to contend with Internet traffic.

Bad Email Addresses
(contact us)

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